Light Rail Manila Corporation

The Light Rail Manila Corporation, or LRMC, is responsible for the construction, operation and maintenance of light rail transit in Metro Manila. In order to provide a safe, reliable, efficient, and comfortable journey for its passengers, LRMC needs to operate with very high standards for success.

One of the biggest challenges LRMC has faced so far has been the transition of over 1,000 employees from the LRTA (Light Rail Transit Authority) into the LRMC’s workforce. LRMC’s standards of excellence had to seamlessly be instilled in the employees; they also needed to immediately be able to process payroll for this rather large manpower addition.

HCX Technology Partners Inc. was chosen because of its payroll domain expertise. HCX was able to provide solutions that would have taken other providers a longer and more difficult time to implement. HCX was able to do this because of its value proposition of an enterprise-grade Human Capital Management solution. This came in the form of PeopleSoft, and the software’s modules of Core HR, Time and Labor, Absence Management and Payroll. HCX provided the flexibility and innovation needed for LRMC to seamlessly integrate the 1,000 employees from LRTA into their systems and protocols.

Today, LRMC continues to look to HCX to provide added value as LRMC plans to expand into Talent Management (Recruitment, Performance, Management and Learning). As LRMC looks to level up by empowering its employees to perform according to world-class standards, it will need a technology partner that is flexible and knowledgeable enough to adapt to the best practices and complexities present in the market today. HCX is proud to stand with LRMC as it continues to pursue its vision of becoming the commuter’s choice in public transportation.