ACRO-Team, Inc.

In the distribution of FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) products, accuracy and timeliness are essential in the success of any business. ACRO-Team, Inc. has been an exclusive distributor of Unilever Philippines in Luzon for several years. Their business depends on speed, agility, and accuracy – factors that could spell the difference between profit and loss in their competitive field.

ACRO-Team, Inc. faced the challenge of not having a single repository of Human Resources Information. Their reports on single employee demographics took too long to create, contributing to inefficiencies in payroll accuracy and timeliness. As a result, ACRO-Team, Inc. had a challenging time keeping employees motivated in order to deliver crucial business results in a fast-paced, competitive environment.

Enter HCX Technology Partners and its prescribed software of choice: The SunFish Cloud Solution. SunFish was able to provide a single source of data via an integrated HR system. This reduced the overall administrative and management costs associated with manual data management. Managers of ACRO-Team Inc. were also able to utilize other features to help in critical decision-making in the business. Some of these tools included business intelligence and analytics reports that were easily accessible through mobile platforms. This added tremendous value to ACRO-Team Inc. as its processes were streamlined and simplified in order to become more profitable.

The ability to understand and access data has become simpler for ACRO-Team Inc., and this has, in turn, led to a remarkable leap in business performance. Mr. Juan Paolo Tumacder, Vice President of Finance of the ACRO Group of Companies notes: “Having partnered with HCX for their SunFish Cloud Solution proved to be the right decision. Today, we are able to have improved visibility of our workforce and make better-informed business decisions that impact our operations.”

In a highly competitive business environment, streamlining and simplifying access to information can have profound business benefits. SunFish and HCX have brought this business clarity to distributors like ACRO-Team Inc. and are poised to provide likewise remarkable transformations for other businesses in the region.