About HCX

Through the power of transformative technology applied in HR and Core organizational units’ practices, we become your partners in enabling your business to achieve great outcomes. Guided by our values of People-centricity, Excellence and Innovation, HCX is your trusted partner committed to delivering high quality, high-powered technology solutions and services.
  • Stability — Our parent company, Ayala Corporation, has worked with the Philippine landscape for decades making it one of the longest standing and most respected conglomerates in Asia. We share a deep understanding of our customers, utilizing technology to create better lives for them.
  • People-Centricity. — Our strength lies in people. We strive to enhance the backbone of the companies we serve, including our own. We reconcile human and business needs in our systems re-engineering, application and monitoring phases.
  • Excellence. — Our passion for business excellence runs in the way we provide solutions. Equipped with certifications and the right training, we straive to deliver solutions amidst the ever-changing landscape of technoloogy.
  • Innovation. — We are committed to continuous improvement supported by strong governance and quality frameworks and complemented by enterprise grade and modern technologies.
  • Cost Advantage. — Through our Exploratory Meetings, we diagnose and identify barriers that limit your HR management. We present a Price Discussion Index so we can fully customize our service to fit your needs, budget and timeline.

Our Vision and Values


Be the preferred Technology Partner of the Philippine market.


  • People — Courageous, purpose-driven, and having fun with others
  • Excellence — Work smart and fast, and be decisive in everything we do
  • Innovation — Empowered to try out new things
  • Integrity — Trust and confidence in others
  • Enterprise — Passion for the business